It'll take more than luck to escape business fraud

It's calculated that fraud is costing the UK economy £6,000 a second with as many as 1 in 4 businesses experiencing it at some point in their existence. So it'll take more than luck to escape business fraud completely.

VAT - Partial Exemption Can Include Land And Property

It's a given that VAT and partial exemption are complicated areas of tax. More importantly, many people don't realise the potential that exists for them to pay less VAT than first glance might suggest. Partial exemption doesn't always mean 'non recoverable'.

Your management accounts put you in control of your business

Your management accounts represent a knowledge bank of financial and non-financial data you can use to fuel your 'bigger picture' decision-making. In time, they will come to represent the history of your success and lessons learned. Your management accounts put you in the driving seat - in control of your business. In this blog, I'd like to concentrate on why management accounts are so powerful especially under the watchful eye of a skilled financial director.

Buy-To-Let: tax planning will bring some clarity

Since April this year, landlords have started to lose the right to claim back their mortgage interest and related finance costs. This blog is about the vital role that tax planning can play in helping you decide your Buy-to-Let future. Tax planning will bring some clarity to your individual situation.