Boost your financial acumen

Although the budget held some positives for small businesses, it also loaded more burden on your shoulders both in terms of admin and outlay. It's important that you stay alert to the challenges and opportunities out there and factor in everything that impacts. After all it's your business - so if outside forces do seem to be taking over, we'd like to help you regain control by developing your financial acumen. Here's your starter pack of 4 pieces of advice:    
3 key 2016 budget tips for SMEs

Borrowing, selling, making a loss this year?

You may have missed 3 changes in the 2016 budget that will definitely impact on your plans. This year's budget announcement was more comprehensive than recent years, mostly because the economy has been static for so long. We're taking a closer look behind the headline statements to discover the hidden positives and negatives for our clients...
Rajani & Co's view of 2016 budget

Just how 'pro your business' is the 2016 budget?

Here are Rajani & Co's top 2016 budget picks affecting you and your business one way or another. 
Dividend tax change reminder

There's just time for you to beat the new dividend tax changes

Those hikes in the tax paid on your dividends are about to come into force. We anticipate that most SMEs will be adversely affected so talk to your accountant before 31 March 2016 so at least you can work out a quick fix for this financial year.