Cloud Accounting

At Rajani & Co we provide professional accounting services using Xero, an online accounting system which enables small to medium sized businesses to collaborate with their accountants in real time.

As chartered accountancy experts dedicated to aiding the growth of businesses, we have significant experience in using a wide range of accounting software packages and techniques. One of the many accounting tools that we have used and found successful is Xero.

We’re therefore proud to be an accredited Xero partner because we believe in the benefits that cloud accounting can bring to a business:

  • Online access – work when and where you want to.
  • Improved communication – we can access your accounts in real time.
  • Collaborate with your team to work together on financials.
  • Less reliance on your own hardware – making your accounts more secure.
  • Reduced costs – with continuous Xero support.
  • Instantaneous sales orders direct to your customers.
  • Allow employees to log time and expenses, paperless from wherever they are.

If you want to leave old fashioned desk top accounting systems behind, today is the day that you should consider whether Xero is right for you.

Getting started with Xero

We provide a wide range of services to get you up and running with Xero from setting up the software for a new business to switching from an old system with established businesses.

We provide training bespoke to your needs so you can get the most out of Xero and get your accounting online.

The possibilities are endless with Xero; from importing bank statement data to a real time view of your cash flow – Xero has all you need to run your business.

Is Xero right for me?

At Rajani & Co we understand that it is a big decision to switch over to Xero from your familiar accounting system but we ask you this: do you upgrade to the latest smartphone to enjoy the newest benefits? Well why not your accounting software!

We will deliver an assessment of whether Xero is suitable for your needs and when is the best time to move over to Xero.

If you would to discuss a Xero assessment, please call 019 3327 6327 today or alternatively fill in our contact form.

Already on Xero?

If you would like to switch to a Xero accredited accountancy firm, look no further than Rajani & Co.

If you would like further information about how we deliver Xero or are interested in any of our services, please call 01933 276 327 today or alternatively fill in our contact form.