Business Advisory Services

Do you want to grow your business success? Planning is a very important aspect of the development and prosperity of your business, as it ultimately impacts on your personal wellbeing as a business owner.

Plans can help you identify problem areas before they even sprout and enable you to measure results against blossoming expectations.

We can work as your in-house financial directors to provide expertise by attending board meetings and giving independent advice – without having to pay the salary of a full time financial director!

We believe our advice and guidance has helped a number of our clients’ businesses flourish in ways which suit their current and future lifestyles.

We work with businesses that have the same passion for business as we do, so we have a mutual desire to work on their business together and grow their success.

Rajani & Co can help your business on to the path of business growth in many ways:

  • Planning and raising finance.
  • Business start-up advice and guidance.
  • Business reconstruction.
  • Profit enhancement planning.
  • Business budget planning.
  • Retirement and business succession planning.

Rajani & Co moves you from looking at your business in the here and now, to long term goals and expectations. Expect to dive into the depths of your mind to help make your company stronger and more profitable.

When putting budgets in place for your business it is important to establish a review and monitor cycle, so you can update your business plan and stay on top of the numbers. At Rajani & Co we can implement this for your business and keep ahead of the numbers.

We can also provide comparisons to businesses within your industry to measure key performance indicators, to see how competitive your business is currently and establish where you want to excel to.

From talking to companies about improving their finance to developing an integrated 5-year business growth plan, at Rajani & Co we can provide business advice and financial planning on every step of your journey.

For a free consultation today, call us on 01933 276 327 today to set up an appointment or alternatively fill in our contact form.