Business Health Insurance

We want to make a real difference to your business and as well as looking after your accountancy needs, we want to ensure you enjoy life by insuring your health.

At Rajani & Co we offer a business health insurance service from Western Provident Association (WPA) to look after your private medical insurance requirements. With our help your staff can have access to the healthcare benefits that your company is eligible for; we want to look after your staff as well as your figures.

Enjoy Life – Ensure Health

You are no doubt aware of the strain on the NHS and you may have previously thought about the possibility of using private healthcare facilities.

At Rajani & Co we feel it is an important area to cover and as it is a specialist area, we use the services of a local adviser with WPA who works very closely with us and our clients to provide an exclusive package.

WPA is a purely not-for-profit association specialising only in Healthcare since 1901 and whose services we here at Rajani & Co embrace.

What does the private health insurance include?

We have chosen to partner with WPA as they are an ethical organisation providing transparent information.

  • Dedicated help with compassionate claims.
  • Free choice of over 600 hospitals and your choice of consultant or specialist.
  • Full flexibility year by year with the amount of cover you choose.
  • Personal and local service from your adviser.

What level of business cover do I need?

At Rajani & Co we understand that every business has different requirements, so we can help you find the cover that you most need:

  • NHS Top Up gives valuable cashback on everyday dental and optical costs.
  • Flexible Health Plans meet the needs of sole traders, individuals or families.
  • Enterprise Flexible Benefits adapted to meet a company’s needs from dental cover to more comprehensive private medical insurance.

For guidance on how we can help you with affordable, tailor made plans for business health insurance, please call 01933 276 327 today to set up an appointment or alternatively fill in our contact form.