Forensic Accounting

Do you need an experienced accountant to investigate, analyse and clarify? Do you need to trace assets or resolve a dispute? Forensic accounting is a specialist service that we provide, whether there is need for an expert witness report or an internal investigation.

Our Rajani & Co forensic accounting team have the experience and analytical skills required to investigate, source and interrogate the financial information available. We work very closely with the legal industry in this field, as well as company owners for private investigations. You can be assured of the quality of our work as we are members of the Academy of Experts.

We step away from the financial jargon by summarising all relevant information into an Expert report, so it can be understood by a lay person and the courts in clear, focused and unambiguous terms.

Why do you need a forensic accountant?

Here are just some of the services our accounting firm provides:

  • Fraud investigation
  • Matrimonial claims
  • Asset tracing
  • Business valuations – for sale, or as a result of commercial disputes
  • Business interruption and loss of profit claims

Every case we encounter is unique, therefore before we take on any work we always perform a preliminary review of the information and provide initial advice on the best way to proceed. We are committed to ensuring cost efficiency in case management.

We ensure our clients and their legal advisors clearly understand the financial and loss issues concerning our advice, so they can plan and execute appropriate settlement strategies.

Rajani & Co has the resources to handle assignments of all sizes while providing meticulous personal attention to your case.  Our specialists are responsive to your situation and will deliver bespoke solutions.

If you would like us to perform a review of your case, please call 01933 276 327 today to set up an appointment or alternatively fill in our contact form.