Tax Investigations Client Service

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) is more focused than ever in the pursuit of additional income from businesses, therefore tax investigations by the revenue are becoming more common.

Many businesses think they can face the taxman on their own but this can often result in unreasonable demands being accepted.

At Rajani & Co in our tax investigation service we can offer expert advice to ensure you will not face additional costs in defending a tax enquiry.

Could your business be investigated?

Any business can be chosen at random by the Revenue to undergo a tax investigation, with no reason given as to why you have been chosen.

The time and money you need to spend to prepare for a tax investigation can become substantial.

Our Tax Investigation Service covers the cost of our professional fees should you be selected for a tax enquiry. Even a straightforward enquiry is likely to cost the equivalent of 10 years subscription to our Tax Investigations Service.

What does our Tax Investigation Service include?

Our Rajani & Co service covers you for fees up to £75,000 if your business needs defending for any of the following investigations:

  • Self-Assessment Full Enquiries.
  • Income Tax Self-Assessment Aspect Enquiries.
  • Corporation Tax Self-Assessment Aspect Enquiries.
  • HMRC Enquiries under IR35.
  • Employer Compliance Disputes.
  • HMRC VAT Disputes.
  • Schedule 36 Enquiries.

An additional benefit we provide to our clients in this service is a 24 hour business helpline to ensure your business complies with the law. You will have direct access to specialist advisers who can advise on employment, health and safety and commercial issues.

How does the Tax Investigation work?

If you are selected for investigation by HMRC, you simply have to inform us so we can handle enquiries on your behalf, so you can focus on what’s important to you – your business.

We will be responsible for dealing with the Tax Investigation and your subscription will cover you in respect of our professional fees, so you will normally have nothing extra to pay.

Case study: food and drink retailer

‘The client’s declared turnover was £200,000 but the profits were just over £20,000 which when allied with a cash business may have been the driver when HMRC decided to open the enquiry.

The business records were not ideal and HMRC Inspector was able to demonstrate that they contained a number of errors. The Inspector recalculated £80,000 additional profits over a four year period.

With expert assistance the client was able to rework the Inspector’s calculations and negotiate a reduced settlement. This resulted in increased profits of only £29,000 on which a settlement of £16,500 including tax, interest and penalty arose.’

How do I subscribe to the Tax Investigations Service?

We offer our Tax Investigations Service exclusively to our clients and new clients are eligible to join the scheme.

If you are interested in joining this service, speak to the partner responsible for dealing with your affairs or contact us today.